Body Image Truth “A Beginner’s Mind = Open Mind”


Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. Buddha

To all of you out there who struggle with body image and weight…read on…

“A Beginner’s Mind = Open Mind”

Even when we are learning practices we may have learned many times before, it is best to start with an open mind and open heart. Having a beginners mind does not discount what you already know, (it takes nothing away), it just adds to a deeper learning without arrogance and impatience.

When I begin any of my work with new students whether in a group or one on one, I ask them to act as if, they are beginner’s because our hearts and heads tend to be more open to new information without the weight of “a know it all mentality”.


Resistance is the opposite of flow and flow = freedom.

When we resist, we are blocking self-love and self-care. Resistance also keeps away our ability to receive.

I know that anytime I show up for something minus gobs of resistance, I always learn something new about myself. This is true for me no matter what I am doing. Anything from trying a new meal plan, to going to a workshop, to starting a yoga practice. I wish I could say that the resistance voice was gone for good.

It is not.

The gift is that I now have tools to be with it, honor it, accept it rather than deny it.

For example, I can make friends with the resistance and “do it anyway”! And that is something that now comes easier for me after years of practicing making friends with the resistance rather than being at war with it.

And whenever we are in resistance to something chances are we need to go into that resistance, accept it and find out what is really there. Perhaps it is something we do not want to feel. And what we do not feel, we cannot heal.

Things will not change unless they change. And that requires a desire and willingness.

The place is here and the moment is NOW. To living what is possible.

Are you willing to work on your health and well-being too?

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