Let’s Champion Fat People

 01I love people and I love fat people. I have complete respect for an overweight woman who has the courage and confidence to stride right into a gym full of people with healthy, fit bodies because she is the one who needs to be there most. God bless fat people in gyms!

The thing is, it shouldn’t even be about courage. The word courage should not even come to mind when it comes to an overweight person entering a gym; everyone, no matter their shape or size, should be able to enter a gym without fearing judgment or ridicule. Fat people entering gyms should not be seen as fat people; they should be seen as people.

Our culture is beauty-focused. Wouldn’t it be great if people who need to be in gyms the most took over the space and were the ones most commonly seen, most expected to be seen, and most accepted in gyms? People who need to care for themselves could do so naturally, following a welcoming, new cultural norm—instead of being afraid to step into a gym until they look a certain way.

I Want to Live in a World…

…where people have access to healthy food—and can afford it.

…where girls don’t jump off bridges because they are anorexic.

…where people use food for nourishment and exercise for energy and enjoyment.

…where sexual harassment is not a daily story.

….where we don’t use our bodies as things to abuse.

…where we love and appreciate our bodies, and teach our children to do so by example.

…where Jessica Simpson’s weight isn’t the top news story.

…where depravation does not exist.

…where not being pretty enough is a think of the past.

…where people choose health over size—over anything!

…where people don’t make excuses to not care about themselves.

What kind of world do you want to live in?


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