A Song of Gratitude I Love (listen up)

28 years ago, I released 100 pounds for GOOD! And when people ask me how I did it? – They expect me to say Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, and instead, I tell them MY truth: which is that I dealt with the “issues in my tissues” and learned how to love myself from the inside-out.

In my life, I have been a victimized, abused and sometimes I still fall into the trap of victimizing myself.

Even when I know….
I cannot feel grateful when I am feeling sorry for myself.
I cannot feel filled up when I feel lack.
I cannot feel happy when all I do is feel fear.
And I cannot feel love for myself when all I see is FLAWS.

Now what about you?

Do you feel happy to be in a body?
Do you feel full on JOY?
Do you feel grateful for your life?
Do you feel aligned with your job? Your friends? Your family?

If not, I want to suggest you begin by getting high on something that is not a drug or food substance.

gratitude (1)It is BEING GRATEFUL. And GIVING THANKS for what you do have.

Gratitude is a antidote for everything.

I wish I knew how everyone of you found www.SkinnyFatPerfect.com….What I am sure about is that I am grateful you are here.

My intention always is for you to receive the blessings and love that come through all of my messages and offers.

And I thank you for finding me and my mission – to teach self-love and healthy body image.

It would have been fun to have had a great voice to sing and since I do not – I want to offer up a voice I love and cherish. My Canadian Sister Alanis Morsette who is not afraid to be naked. (And please do not make up that it is about her slim body. Nope! It has nothing to do with that).

I love her and I thank her. Listen to this video every time you forget who you are – Just find something to be GRATEFUL for and I promise you – if you really believe in GRATITUDE, you will not have to look very far.

There is more good in your life than perhaps you can see and feel right this moment.
Goodness is right in front of you.
I swear.

Can you feel it and see it? Please feel free to comment below.

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