Are you ready to “Fall in Love with Yourself?”

-Do you struggle with body image and weight issues?
-Do you love the holiday season but dread the stress and sense of overwhelm?
-Does sugar take you down from Halloween through the New Year and beyond?
-Do you find yourself overeating and undernourished?
-Are you ready for a whole new beginning?

This program is designed just for you!

Laura after weight loss body image masteryThis is not a diet plan.
This is not an exercise regimen.
This is not a therapy session.

This IS a four-week course designed to start you on your weight release journey to…

  • bolster your body confidence
  • increase your joy about your body
  • and prepare you for the holiday season, giving you practical tools to enter the new year with a deep love for yourself and your body.


Here’s what’s included…

  1. My proprietary assessment – just answering the questions can be transformational for some people!
  2. 4 Weekly audio sessions. We’ll review the topics of your assessment, and in the subsequent sessions we’ll explore practices and exercises that will help you on your journey to self-love. The first two weeks give you a solid foundation for loving yourself and your body. The second two weeks will build upon that foundation with a focus on how to handle the upcoming holidays and the extra calories that come with them.
  3. Weekly action items for accountability between sessions.
  4. Grounding meditation exercises each week to center you into your body.
  5. Access to our private Facebook group. Get answers to any and all of your questions!
  6. Email support during business hours for any private questions and concerns.
  7. My Body Image Checklist plus additional tools and goodies you can continue to use after the program.

PLUS the invaluable opportunity to connect with other women who are walking the same path you are. I’ve run group programs for years and there’s nothing more powerful than the feeling of knowing you are seen and supported for who you are in a safe and loving environment. We’ve got your back!

Your Investment

Let’s break this down, shall we?

Four 60-minute audio training calls: $750
Weekly action items and support: $300
Grounding meditation exercises and post-course tools: $500
Transformational pre-course assessment: $100
The connection and support gained from being part of a community of women who are committed to falling in love with themselves: priceless!

Total value: $1650 (and then some!)

But because you’re a valued member of my community, you’ll only pay a fraction of that…

 The “Fall in Love with Yourself” course is $97 ONLY $48.50 for a limited time!

“Yes! I’m ready to fall in love! “


Other Questions You Might Have…

“Will I lose weight in this program?”

Of course you can lose weight in this program, but that will rely entirely on your willingness and ability to make the mental and physical lifestyle shifts that I will be sharing with you. However, weight loss is not the key focus of this course; the goal is to start you on your weight release journey by giving you the tools to make it through the holidays and into the new year with grace and peace instead of pain and gain.

Here’s what others have said about working with me…


The most rewarding parts of working with Laura were releasing 15 pounds, hearing success stories from other women, and getting tips that have helped me change my habits surrounding my food choices. I have noticed my shopping habits have been transformed as well as my choices at social events surrounding food.

Carol Suveda

The top 3 things I walked away with from Laura's Body Image Mastery class were changing my inner dialogues, improving how healthfully I eat and knowing I’m not alone on the journey. I’ve noticed a change in my response when I start being negative about my body and rather do positive affirmations instead. I have also changed the diet that my family and I are eating.

Kristen Gabrielsen

I think the most evident part is the change in how I look at myself - no longer with disdain, but with appreciation and love. I've learned that if I look at myself in a negative fashion, I will draw negativity to me - conversely, if I look at myself in a positive light, I will naturally draw positive responses and outcomes. These positive outcomes are what I desire for my future and I will endeavor to keep that positive light flowing with the tools and knowledge I now possess.


Laura Fenamore’s work has truly changed how I feel about my body... I feel more confident and secure in who I am, I have a deeper love for myself, and I don’t carry the same guilt and shame I used to. I’ve also lost 10 pounds. 🙂 Every woman should experience her work; it’s a MUST.


I always love the story of working with Laura. I love that I am her “biggest” success story (hahahaha). Why? Because I stayed the same size (a cute size 18), but lost a thousand pounds of self hatred and “not good enough” — I ended up so beautiful 🙂 Not being distracted by the idea that I was an ugly girl was like FREEDOM. Laura, I don’t know how I can ever repay that gift, but I go back and read the stories on my blog about working with you all the time. THANK you for the diet, I shed the skin of an ugly girl, and a beautiful woman stepped out and got to share a great year or two with her dad.


Laura, my work with you helped me immensely in getting out of old ruts. It’s been a process and is ongoing. I continue to read and write and play with my feelings. Feel my feelings instead of stuffing them inside of me. And every day I find myself learning something new that helps me know myself better. And love myself better. I just feel like I am blooming once again. It’s so cool.


I'm doing very well. Feeling healthy, moving my body more in a painless way (yoga and walking do the trick for me). People are noticing the transformation in me. Your course gave me so many insights into me... and offered ways to improve my thinking, eating, moving, relating, and overall contentment. I'm still holding on to that vision of the healthy new body. Thanks for the impact you have had on my life, Laura!