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“Laura Fenamore’s work has truly changed how I feel about my body.”

“After her 12 week program I feel more confident and secure in who I am, I have a deeper love for myself, and I don’t carry the same guilt and shame I used to. I’ve also lost 10 pounds. 🙂
Every woman should experience her work; it’s a MUST.”

– Ashley

Diets don’t last and weight loss is not enough!

I know you. You’ve tried to change the way you look and how you feel about what you see in the mirror. If you’re like many of my clients, you probably see yourself in several of these statements:

  • You vowed to eat healthy and made promises to yourself to diet and keep the weight off…but you keep packing on the pounds, falling back into unhealthy eating patterns.
  • When people ask to take your picture, you cringe and duck into the nearest dark corner (or hide in the back row).
  • Dressing up is stressful and you always seem to turn heads for the wrong reasons. Calling attention to your body for any reason makes your stomach churn. You’d rather just stay home in your jammies watching TV while ingesting large quantities of food.
  • You haven’t found a special someone because you think that no one will be interested. You think that you are a good person, but keep thinking, “Why bother, with a body like mine?”
  • You never feel attractive no matter what you weigh.

If you thought “YES! That sounds like me!” you’re not alone…

I’m Laura Fenamore, author of the best-selling book, Skinny, Fat, Perfect: Love who you see in the mirror. I know your struggle because I’ve been there.

I was a compulsive eater out of my mother’s womb. Food was one of the few things that made me feel good and safe. Food became LOVE and my obsession. It was that simple.

I over-ate everyday, hated myself for it, but could not stop. But even then, food just wasn’t enough. I became a true “wild child” spiraling out of control with drinking, drugs, sex, and more.

Laura after weight loss body image mastery

On the outside, I appeared to have it together.   But on the inside, I was dying…

I remember…

Being “the fat friend” at the bar with all my skinny, gorgeous pals. I felt like a total loser every time a stranger would ask one of my girlfriends, “Who’s the fat chick?”

So I stopped going out and started making excuses. The chance of being humiliated was just too painful. I was so afraid of people judging me every time I ordered a meal.

“Don’t you think you should order a salad?”


I also remember...

  • Waking up every morning feeling unlovable, unworthy and alone no matter how social I was or no matter how many friends I had in my life.
  • Obsessing daily about why others were worthy of love and I wasn’t.
  • Giving up hope and thinking I would never be attractive.

But my own self-criticism was more violent than anything anyone would have imposed on me. It fostered my inability to accept and love myself for who I was.

Then Something INCREDIBLE Happened...

When I was 24, I talked regularly about committing suicide... until a major shift happened. An inner voice spoke to me in a moment of clarity that hit like a brick!

One year later, I lost 100 lbs. I thought life would be a total breeze once I was skinny.


I thought thin would be my salvation, but it was not. I still couldn’t love who I saw in the mirror. I still didn’t feel like I was good enough. I turned to diet pills, laxatives and bulimia to stay thin…You name it I did it (or seriously considered doing it).

I was skinny, sure, but I’d hit rock bottom in a way I never thought was possible. I was skinny AND I still hated and abused myself.

Learn from my mistakes so that you don’t have to hit rock bottom (like I did)!

"I think the most evident part is the change in how I look at myself - no longer with disdain, but with appreciation and love. I've learned that if I look at myself in a negative fashion, I will draw negativity to me - conversely, if I look at myself in a positive light, I will naturally draw positive responses and outcomes. These positive outcomes are what I desire for my future and I will endeavor to keep that positive light flowing with the tools and knowledge I now possess."

- Zita

That dark time gave me the courage and power to access my light. I overcame the self-loathing and have kept 100 pounds off for nearly 30 years - without extreme diets or excessive exercising. I’m happier now than I’ve ever been and I now work with women all over the world who are ready to take healthy steps to change their body image and love the skin they’re in.


I was an extreme case, so if I can radically change my life, YOU CAN TOO!


The solution to your weight issues runs deeper than the food you put in your mouth. It’s all about your relationship with food and your relationship with YOURSELF.

You are the only one who can make your body say “YES” to weight loss. You are the only one with the power to heal and transform your body.

I’m here to help, but don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of my clients have said:

Carol testimonial body image coach

“The most rewarding parts of working with Laura were releasing 15 pounds, hearing success stories from other women, and getting tips that have helped me change my habits surrounding my food choices. I have noticed my shopping habits have been transformed as well as my choices at social events surrounding food.”

Carol Suveda

Kristens testimonial for Lauras work

“The top 3 things I walked away with from Laura's Body Image Mastery class were changing my inner dialogues, improving how healthfully I eat and knowing I’m not alone on the journey. I’ve noticed a change in my response when I start being negative about my body and rather do positive affirmations instead. I have also changed the diet that my family and I are eating.”

Kristen Gabrielsen


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