For the last 10 years, I’ve held space for thousands of women all over the planet as they fell truly & madly in love with their bodies and their extraordinary selves (again, or for the first time in their lives.)

Through my community, coaching, and programs, these women discovered the strength within themselves to transform their story permanently, develop a healthy relationship with food AND a positive body image, and embrace more happiness and peace than they ever thought possible.

This is my calling.
This is my path.

This is my story:

At the age of 24, I was standing at a crossroads.

Behind me, two decades of abuse, self-hatred, addiction, and a constant struggle with food and my body weighed impossibly heavy on my shoulders.

Ahead of me, I had two choices: find my own way to heal the wounds of my past, and my challenges… or give up, and leave this planet for good.

It wasn’t easy, but I chose life. I chose the walk forward.

But that was just the first, tiniest step of my journey.

Along the road back to my truth, I released 100 pounds, came to grips with my past, and learned to comfort the small, frightened child I once was. But this voyage didn’t stop when the pounds dropped.

Ooh no. It was just getting started.

I still had to find my way to a healthy relationship with food that didn’t involve counting every last calorie, dieting, or forcing myself to exercise.

I had to learn and re-learn how to take care of and love myself, and release the stories and judgment that were keeping me stuck in place.

I uncovered a deeper connection to spirit , the one I had always known, but didn’t know I had blocked out a side that valued meditation and mindfulness over the constant need to seek others’ approval.

This process took years of challenging work, even with the incredible guardian angel teachers who lit my path.

Yes, I stumbled. Yes, I fell, and had to pick myself up again. But always, always, I kept moving forward.

And, eventually, I found my way to the here and now.

To you.

These days, I can love food freely, without fear of binging or losing control.

I’ve kept 100 pounds off for 27 years and counting.

I celebrate moving my body every day with joy.

I send love to myself and everyone I meet, and my world glows with possibility – even on my darkest days.

Through every trial and tribulation, every bump in the road, and difficult morning or night, a truth called out to me:

I was born to help my fellow women on the same journey I had weathered.

Age 21

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My teachers had guided, supported, and helped me save myself - and I was put on this earth to do the same for others. It is my “souls’ assignment” my highest calling, and my greatest joy.

So I created my global community OnePinky, dedicated to helping women transform their body image, and feel great at any size, starting with loving the tiniest body part (like their pinky).

That community was a true gift, and an honor to lead – but now, the next evolution of my business is at hand.

In 2015, I celebrated 27 years of sobriety, and the launch of my memoir Skinny, Fat, Perfect – Love Who You See in the Mirror that chronicles this whole journey, just for you.

It’s part autobiography, part self-help book, and 100% aimed at helping you take the same steps I did – while also avoiding my biggest mistakes. 😉

Because when we allow our minds and ideas about ourselves to change, our bodies change, and our worlds change around us in amazing and mysterious ways.

All we have to do is say: “Yes. I'm ready. I’ll start today.”

 OK - now you’ve read the long story, here are some juicy trivia tidbits!

  1. My wife Kathleen is the most important person in my life. We’ve been together for 17 years.
  2. We’re also total movie nuts! It’s how we met.
  3. I adore animated films. Disney/Pixar, anything at all!
  4. I have a life so far beyond my wildest dreams, and I know my sobriety with food, alcohol, and hurtful emotions is to be treasured, and not taken lightly.
  5. I delight in collecting dolls and have a Raggedy Ann doll collection for my inner child.
  6. I swear a little more than I’d like to. But hey, all of us have our trials, right? 😉
  7. My primary spiritual practice is "A Course in Miracles."
  8. I worked for Marianne Williamson back in the early 90's.
  9. I was an invited guest at the White House during the Clinton years.
  10. I eat cabbage, white or red, every day.(Eggplant & brussel sprouts are my other favorite vegetables!)
  11. I am not a shopper. At all. Very un-girly of me, I know.
  12. I consider Hawaii my 2nd home.
  13. I view coaching, whether giving or receiving it, as a sign of inner strength, not weakness.
  14. I claim California as HOME and I l-o-v-e being a born n’ raised New Yorker. Just like Barbra Streisand my favorite singer of all time.
  15. I exercise and I pray daily and I meditate most days.
  16. I’m a total Yenta! I won’t rest until I make a love match that ends up in marriage.
  17. I believe that corporate diet plans care more about profit than people.
  18. I friggin' love comedians. I love to laugh and I laugh every day.
  19. I’ve met and worked with many celebrities. My all-time favorite? Dana Carvey. He is pure joy.
  20. I’m in utter awe of my students and clients, and pinch myself every day for who I get to work with them.
  21. Since I was 36, I was given the message: I was to meet Rosie O’Donnell. Just waiting for it to happen. I believe it will.
  22. I am a proud board member of and any and all donations are appreciated. Check it out.
  23. I love AFRICA. It feels like home.
  24. I love dogs, but consider myself a cat person.
  25. I love loving people, and consider my life one giant miracle. Amen.