Time’s Up: The Critical Need to Redefine “Sexy”

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Every day we drive past billboards and flip through magazines and watch commercials on television all showing us attractive people with similar sexy characteristics, but have you ever stopped to consider… …somebody made up what “sexy” is! Someone, somewhere down the line, assigned certain characteristics to the word… and we all went along with it. I call it “The Trance,”…

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How Much Progress Have *Women* Made?

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My friend Holly recently shared something from Facebook that she’d thought was hilarious. “Lor,” she said – she always calls me that – “Remember Howard Cosell?” Cosell was a well-known sports broadcaster in the sixties and seventies, and someone had made a meme out of a photo of him standing between Bruce Jenner and OJ Simpson. In the meme, Cosell is…

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The Ultimate Act of Self-Care: Clearing Clutter

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When the mountain of paperwork and other clutter on my client Sue’s desk approached Mt. Everest proportions, she would ‘organize’ it by dumping it into paper bags and boxes that she stashed in closets and under tables. Can you relate?   Patty, another client of mine, didn’t even bother stashing her clutter. The obstacle course that began at the front door…

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Healing the Pain Inside: Three Simple Steps to Self-Care

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Can you imagine anything that could hurt more than chronic physical pain? How about the pain that lives inside? The emotional agony that comes with the judgmental stares and whispered comments when you’re 100 pounds overweight? The inability to buy a beautiful dress, or the seat-space shame when flying on an airplane?Now can you imagine losing that weight, and still coming…

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