Laura speaks from her heart and knows how to express herself clearly. When she speaks, you know what she feels passionate about. She changes lives.

Debi Young

Laura was a keynote speaker at an event I was attending, and when she finished her presentation I was so moved and impacted by her message and her own journey to self-love, that I could not stop crying. I can’t describe with mere words the openness and acceptance that Laura offers in her being. You know she is speaking from the heart and with authenticity. Laura’s message is a message that all women need to hear. During Laura’s presentation, I kept thinking of my young daughters. I wished I could impart her message into their minds so they grow up loving themselves and knowing their worth all along, not having to learn that later in life like so many of us do. Laura spoke to all the things that we, as women, tell ourselves inside to make ourselves feel bad, inadequate, and not good enough. It was like she had a secret recording of my inner thoughts. But she doesn’t stop there, the whole essence of her message is that you are good enough and you don’t need anyone to tell you or validate that. That is what I want for my girls. For them to know and love who they are regardless of what the world tells them or doesn’t tell them.

Elizabeth Platt

Laura has the experience, compassion, insight and knowledge to help anyone that is struggling with deep personal issues regarding their body image. When Laura speaks, she enables and empowers the Body Consciousness that is essential to self-acceptance and that is essential to Body Image Success. Plus . . . . She is so engaging, fun and a loving person!

Hugh Rhoads

I received great value from your talk at the True Beauty Revealed Conference. Your story of wanting to give up, of realizing that your self-image was not about the external “form” but about internal messages that needed to be addressed. I really liked the phrase… “Address the issues in your tissues.” The story of my relationship with my body … from one of embarrassment and self-hate to one that is increasingly full of love and respect … resonates with yours. Your delivery was energizing and I felt so connected to you as you were speaking.

Jean Kathryn Carlson

It’s like Laura’s speaking directly to you and sharing her story, with arms extended to embrace, love and heal with you. Thank you Laura for caring to share.

Teresa Tapp, President of T-Tapp, Inc.
Creator of the T-Tapp Workout