I just had the pleasure of participating in Laura Fenamore’s Body Image Mastery Class. All I can say is “Wow!” Laura totally over-delivers in this course, providing laser-targeted lessons, and all the support and guidance you could hope for. Under Laura’s guidance I have discovered so many things about who I am and where I am going. Some of my discoveries were related to body image and my recent 50 pound weight release. Yet, interestingly, Laura’s lessons took me into the discovery zone in so many other areas of my life including business, finances and relationships. For those who are willing to dig deep to find the answers they seek, I highly recommend Laura Fenamore and all that she has to offer.


I think that anyone ready to make a lasting change in their life would benefit from working with Laura. Not only is it a safe, caring environment, it provides a multitude of ways to enhance your life. There is a strong universal spiritual component that would speak to anyone, no matter their faith – support is always there for you whenever you need it.


At the risk of being gauche, I would also like to add that the price is right for the time, talent and information I got from the program and Laura time. I am completely and happily satisfied.


I think the most evident part is the change in how I look at myself – no longer with disdain, but with appreciation and love. I’ve learned that if I look at myself in a negative fashion, I will draw negativity to me – conversely, if I look at myself in a positive light, I will naturally draw positive responses and outcomes. These positive outcomes are what I desire for my future and I will endeavor to keep that positive light flowing with the tools and knowledge I now possess.

Laura’s life story touched me deeply and made me realize “nothing is impossible”. We can forgive, let go, move on and live a fulfilled loving life. She helped me open up, ask for help and no longer live a secret. Her heart felt, deeply caring support and encouragement will stay with me the rest of my life. She is such an inspiration and helped me see and bring out the best in me. My heart felt mahalo to my incredible beautiful, loving and caring teacher.


Laura Fenamore is a Bright Shining Ball of light! Her gift as a facilitator has divinity woven throughout. Laura speaks from the gut. She speaks from experience. She “Gets it”! It is women like her that I want to emulate my life from. Laura is a TRUE warrior against the darkness that wells within all of us goddesses. She teaches you that you can allow your grace to flow free, to bring out our individual truth.