Laura Fenamore’s work has truly changed how I feel about my body. After her 12 week program I feel more confident and secure in who I am, I have a deeper love for myself, and I don’t carry the same guilt and shame I used to. I’ve also lost 10 pounds J. Every woman should experience her work, it’s a MUST.


The top 3 things I walked away with from working with Laura were changing my inner dialogues, improving how healthfully I eat and knowing I’m not alone on the journey. I’ve noticed a change in my response when I start being negative about my body and do positive affirmations instead. I have also changed the diet that my family and I are eating.


Laura, your positive affirmation emails stand against my mighty resistance. The course has left me less self-defeated, more confident that I will reach my goals and more focused on self-love.
My son would say that I am eating healthier and less junk now.

Tanya Levy

Through Laura and Body Image Mastery I have learned to forgive myself when I sabotage my healthy eating and exercising. Being gentle and loving instead of using the learned harsh and abusive language. That loving voice is much more powerful. This is amazing work that our culture needs, we need to spread the word so other women can benefit from it.


I will forever be grateful to Laura for her positive and nurturing influence in my life. I feel a sense of relief at realizing my needs, opinions, hurts, etc. should not be unilaterally dismissed as “wrong” or “selfish”. If I didn’t put everybody first, I felt guilty. She helped me see that a lot of my behaviors and choices were dictated by guilt. I spent last summer being the driver and “activity director” volunteer for 2 elderly church women in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. Was very unhappy doing it, dreaded each day, but felt guilty about quitting. My thought was, “Someday I will be old and need someone to care for ME.” Laura helped me realize that I was not trusting God with my future, and that doing things out of guilt is not healthy. I decided to stop the relationship and have been much happier. God will provide for them as He will provide for me. Overall, Laura’s influence has completely changed my life, and I will be forever grateful.