Laura Fenamore is doing AMAZING work in the world. She holds an incredibly safe space for her clients and gently but firmly guides them to look at the beliefs and patterns that are holding them back from feeling good in their own skin.

Laura’s encouragement, exercises and powerful coaching methodology is designed to help women learn how to be kind to themselves and their bodies, despite the number on the scale. She provides an opportunity for significant transformation and personal peace. In a world focused on computer-enhanced images of beauty, Laura stands like a lighthouse, shining bright and standing tall for all women who are ready to end the battle with their body image.

With Laura’s loving guidance, I have made a huge shift in my self-talk and way that I think about my body. Thank you Laura, for offering your heart and soul to those of us women who are walking the path to Body Image Mastery.


I am much more self- aware of when I’m behaving in a way that doesn’t support my health and well-being goals. I am paying much more attention to how my body feels after I eat – I recognize that I have put up with digestive issues that I thought were normal and I realize now that it’s not normal to have an upset digestive system. Like I said I’m listening to my body more – not always taking action on it – and awareness is always the first step. I also realize that I’m not letting things bother me as much and I’m much more loving and compassionate vs. living in fear and not safe.

By going through the Body Image Mastery program with Laura it has not only benefited me but has impacted my employees as well. I am spreading the love and they are picking up on it and spreading it too. I’ve noticed a shift in our company from fear to love and that is amazing. The changes I’ve been making have been evolving over the past 8 years and have definitely accelerated since I’ve been working with Laura.

Laura, you are such a wonderful loving, kind, compassionate woman and have definitely assisted me in shifting from fear to love (not completely there and I still slip into fear and not feeling safe and I recognize it when it’s occurring sometimes – which is a big positive change). I believe your program and your coaching Laura have assisted me to take back my power and began to handle my own destiny.


This was a fabulous course and I learned so much from it. This was the 3rd time I went through the course and I finally let the love in. The idea that I am unlovable is pure fabrication on my part – I know people love me now.

The most challenging part of the course for me was allowing food to be simply food. I am still mastering this, but have given up on sugar and gluten. I still crave sweets and a burger and fries and I do miss my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper! However, now I’m focusing on how I can eat healthy food that satisfies my love of food and that is healing at the same time.


I am amazed at the transformation I feel about myself and my body as a result of the past two months of being a member of OnePinky. The exercises and encouragement from Laura have been just the inspiration and focus I needed to finally go beyond the intellectual knowing to actually living the experience of loving and embracing my body in order to release the weight. I feel I am at the beginning of a momentous life-style change and I am so very excited and grateful for the experience. Laura, once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring change. I am declaring here and now that loving myself and eating healthy food will be my new way of being.


When I started working with Laura I had everything going for me but felt disappointed in myself and unhappy. Laura’s tools have helped me to really dig into my heart and soul and remember who I am and why I am here. Laura has helped me to re-find my true north. I am confident, happy and feel healthier than I have in a long while. Thank you Laura!